Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Choices We Make ...

Yesterday, I came across a rejected cover for a local guide we published for about seven years. In it, my son Henry is posing as a snowman ... dangling gloves, uneven hat and even a pipe!

When I found the picture at home, I brought it in for the cover shot and this was the email I got back from my designer ...
here's the cover. However, a lot of people who saw it said "why is he smoking?" so apparently the snowman reference isn't as apparent as it should be. do you have any other winter photos handy we could consider for the cover?
It was a little deflating .. and our designer - who was very creative - did not take telling me this was not an appropriate photo to use lightly... just being honest.

In hindsight, the photo we used, of Henry buried in snow, conveyed the feeling of being a part of a magical season; still, the snowman picture still makes me laugh at the silliness and innocence of it.

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