Thursday, October 15, 2009

Finish Strong

My wife Jody (in the bright green shirt in this picture) amazes me - he dedication to fitness and health, her ability to focus on goals and achieve them, and her well-balanced approach to life, family, friends, her faith and priorities.

Over ten years ago, we trained together - especially the long runs on the weekends - for a marathon. We would start together, run about the first 6-8 miles together, and while still able to talk freely, would do things like say our wedding vows, talk about having a family, about our future, and so on. Once we hit about mile nine, my loud foot thumping, my breathing, my glances - all became incredibly annoying to her - as did my 'pace' - which is to say at times, I think I would give it my all to keep up with her or do all I could to drop off away from her to try to keep the good conversation flowing. Any way, we would tersely agree to split apart so we could retain the harmony of the first eight miles and I knew that meant - "see you at home Darryl" - because she is a fast runner!
She would always tell me - even if I had to stop, get a drink, stretch, lay down, whatever - to "Finish Strong!" ... and would almost always have a large glass of ice water waiting for me - and sometimes cheering me on from down the street as I finished. The extra encouragement and enthusiasm, plus her sage advice, always gives me an extra kick ...

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