Thursday, October 15, 2009

Henry and Scarlett

Last January ('08), we brought our son Henry along to enjoy the Iowa Caucus. He curled up on a chair and read Harry Potter while we 'duked it out' with our neighbors to see who would be our neighborhood candidate for the Democratic candidate.
At one point I turned to my wife and said - "look - it's Scarlett Johanssen by the door" - to which my wife laughed. After a few minutes of seeing her take pictures with others in the room, we confirmed that it was indeed her, in Ames, IA!? and I encouraged my son Henry to shuffle over and get a picture with her.
"Someday in about 15 years, you will thank me for this introduction!" I said. He never really understood who she was/is. I bought her CD a few days ago and although he liked it, asked to put back in his favorite, Coldplay, on the way to soccer.

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